Just like it sez. Things.

Encyclopedae Stupiditae (The Unfinished Sympathy) Well. with Google around, there's not much need of completing this research.

I, Claudius

9 Chickweed Lane - Unusual(ly) artistic people.
Alley Oop - Look at that caveman go!
House of MK Brown - Bizarre...
Pibgorn - Not your standard Grimm fairy tale.

The alt.usage.english Home Page.
The American Psychological Association Style Guide.
The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ.
  "You could squash rodents with that one, you could."
   --John Patrick Lodder
Henry Churchyard's Miscellaneous Web Projects
The Elements of Style
The Slot
Vox Standwicki. Here is his erudite response to a soi-disant critic (stolen^H^H^H^H^H^Hreprinted without permission).
Wilton's Word and Phrase Origins.

Return to us to the years of yesteryear when boys would make stupid sounds and think it hilarious.
Frau Blucher .
Stupid Movies

It's folklore, but the story about the car and the JATO unit is still interesting.
Here's a grain of salt.

This thing is about the first major attempt to truly wire some body into the Internet.

Here's kaboom for the Lynx-enabled. (Written by Adam Jewell.)

Jest the FAQs

Do you like to cook? Then try some of my favorite recipes that I've gathered from around the world!

I like beer!

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