Free Bacon provided by Chester Karma 
Chester Karma.  Thanx!
Picture of a Smiley with a wry smile. Hi! I wrote this long, serious article about what alt-dot-stoopididitty is and was about to include it here. But it had too many big thinky words in it. So I deleted it. Anyway the above bacon is used with permission of CkCk.

Anyway, here are some of the alt.stupidity regulars. Some have Web pages, some post only to the newsgroups, and some have mysteriously vanished.

People With Web Pages

People Without Web Pages

For reasons of their own, the following people don't have Web pages on "the hugest vanity press in the history of the human race." In some cases, I've published some of their USENET postings that I liked. (Notice how my name shows up quite often [blush].) I haven't collected posts from all of them, nor do I mention all of them (see above links for more references), but if you tune in alt.stupidity some evening, you might get to see them perform live.

People in the Shadows


I've WON!!! Now I don't have to operate this finger-cutting machine!!  Oops!This page won the prestigious fabienne StOOpIt aWarD on 15 March 1999.